Choice of RSS feed for cross-posting

I’m testing out MastoFeed and using feed.xml instead of feed.json coz I’ve edited the latter to modify how I display it in’s Timeline.

I’m not a technical person, so what’s the difference between the two types of feeds, and whether using feed.xml would work for such external feed posting services?

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None. Same content, two different data standards. RSS is an XML-based standard. JSONFeed is something that Manton co-developed as an alternative to XML-based feeds. There is wider support for XML-based RSS feeds (though JSONFeed has pretty wide support now).

Thanks. Everything worked well on MastoFeed and I find it a better solution since we can tweak what elements we want to include in the crossposted post for each source. I’ve to now check if alt text gets copied over too.

What’s the advantage of Mastofeed over’s native cross-posting and ActivityPub support?

You can control each feed separately and can also tweak the format of the content that gets crossposted. You can also select different hashtags per feed.

It doesn’t get crossposted immediately but definitely doesn’t take too long. But this is for Mastodon only so not all platforms, obviously. I’m trying out MastoFeed for Mastodon crossposting and disabling auto-crossposting in so I can selectively manually cross-post to others if I want to.


Sorry to hijack, but is there a way to manage the cross posting content this way to various outlets such as LinkedIn. I don’t want all of my posts going to LinkedIn, only posts on specific topics…

Not at this time.