Changing podcast artwork

I managed to change my podcast artwork away from the default image (image A to B) but now I can’t seem to change it a second time (image B to C).

It appears to change in the design interface, but when I refresh in my podcast app (direct add via xml into Overcast) it stays on image B. I’ve added new episodes, edited show titles and descriptions, but nothing seems to work.


OK, I think it has something to do with caching in Overcast. I checked the XML and it was linking to the right image. I also added my podcast to the iOS Apple Podcast app and it appeared with the right image.

So, I guess I’ll give it a day or two and then ping Marco Arment on Twitter.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Overcast caches it for a little while. I know it has some logic for how it caches and checks RSS feeds too. If it doesn’t resolve after a couple days, let me know.