Changing Domain Name

I recently changed my blog’s domain from to The transition seems to gone smoothly, but I’m wondering if there’s a way to make sure that the old post URLs redirect to their new home?

Yes, you’ve some options available:

  1. Your registrar or DNS provider might offer redirect services. For example, Hover documents Setting up subdomain forwarding that might do what you want. (I have no experience with Hover so don’t know if it will actually work.)
  2. You can use a third-party service like (Again, I have no experience with this one.)
  3. You could roll your own solution, i.e. server in a closet or VPS that orchestrates the redirects for you.

Adding a redirect at your DNS provider as the best way to go for now. I would like to add support for multiple domains within, but right now it assumes you are just hosting a single domain name (plus the optional “www”, which is handled automatically).

You could also add a 2nd hosted blog on to handle the old domain name, but that would add an extra $5/month so may not be worth it just for redirects. Maybe our long-term solution for this should be free, “redirect only” hosted blogs?


When I tried to do it with Hover’s forwarding they told me it wouldn’t work with preserving the path. But @sod’s recommendation of appears to be working perfectly. :grin: Their free tier preserves paths and is quite generous. I think it’ll be a “set it and forget it” solution. Thanks!

(Having something built into would be even more ideal, but I can see how it would introduce complexity.)

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