Changing date format on conversations (comments)

I managed to change the time of my theme (Alpine) to be 24-hour format almost completely. The one part I’m missing is the conversation (comments) at the bottom of a blog post, which are still PM/AM time format:


Where is the Hugo element for those? I feel like I looked into all my themes files already.

Conversations are entirely in a conversation.js file that I don’t believe is editable by a theme currently. You could copy conversation.js into your own theme versus linking to it and modify things there if you really want.

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I think the best way to improve this is for us to add a 24-hour format option to your account. We’ve been meaning to do this for a long time.

This will be good, also for users not from the US.
I’m not sure if this is extra work (I’m assuming the date/time format goes more or less together) but can it include ISO format for the date?

For now, I guess I’ll stay with AM/PM, not even sure where to get the conversation.js, and if I do, if I want to implement it and figure out where the time format is in it :slight_smile: