Changed my feed URL and M.B doesn't see new posts

I’m moving back to WordPress and ever since I updated my feed in the M.B backend, it’s not seeing any new test posts.

Feed in question: Notes – Len Damico

I just posted something that should have showed up in my feed (verified in a feed reader) but this is what the log for my feed looks like:

I did notice this error message a couple times as I made the change last night:
Feed: Cross-posting exception.

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

This looks like some kind of WordPress caching issue. I checked the feed contents that is downloading and they do not include that test post. The latest post that sees from WordPress is the “bookmarked Delaware lawmakers” one.

OK, flushed cache on the WP end and re-added the feed and I think I’ve got it working. Thanks for your quick response, @manton!