Change link target for Conversation link

Requesting adding target=”_blank” to the Conversation link on the web view. Currently, it opens in the same tab and when you hit Back, it goes to the top of the timeline instead of back to the place you were at.

This was previously discussed in the forum but nothing came of it → Opening external links in new tab? - Developers - Help Center

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I agree with half of what you’re saying. :blush: The back button is a familiar and often used feature in browsers; no website or app should break it. breaking the back button is an accessibility and usability problem.

But, I don’t think we should avoid the underlying problem by working around it. We should fix the broken back button instead. Or rather, @manton should fix it. :wink: (The Show more feature is causing the bug, and it’s fixable with History.replaceState() or a similar approach.)

Forcing new tabs on people is rarely a good idea:

It is not hard to find arguments against opening content links in new windows by default. Usability and accessibility experts tend to agree it offers little or no benefit for users, and in many cases hurts the experience and perception of the site.

It is harder to find arguments in favor of opening content links in a new window.

Link Targets and 3.2.5

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If the Back button can be fixed, I’m all for it. I thought that was more difficult technically. This in the short-term and timeline sync in the medium-term has been on my wishlist for ever.

Of course this might make for a great user-controlled setting. also won’t ctrl+enter or click force a new tab to open? Just throwing it out there as a potential stopgap.

Yeah, you can but I often forget and then lose my place on the timeline.