Category cloud plugin replacement?

There is a category cloud plugin in the Plugins library that is no longer available on Github. So installing it doesn’t work apparently. Any plan to recreate this plugin? Woudl be helpful for those with many categories for their posts.

Do you think this could be easily built?

I never used the plug-in myself, but it does seem like it could be replicated. It’s probably not something we will take on but maybe someone else from the community wants to.

You could probably just drop this into your layout where you want it:

I’d change it from using .Site.Taxonomies.tags to .Site.Taxonomies.categories and I suspect that’s about it.

(I’m only not turning this into a plug in because I’d never use it and that makes it a support thing I don’t want to take on)

Amit’s Stats plugin does this by default at the bottom of the Stats page (see mine). It’s not the traditional cloud look but works for my purpose.

You’re right… and the plugin is installed on my blog too… stats