Category cloud plugin is 404

The category cloud plugin linked to is a 404.

Probably best to remove it?

linked to Plugin for a Category Cloud - #2 by warner

I’m hoping we might be able to get Moondeer’s up instead: Do Not Install My Plugins - #8 by warner

The only thing standing in the way is my general read on whether y’all (as a collective) are going to be comfortable with needing to create a template in a custom theme in order to configure my plugins (plus I guess I would need to remove the menu entries from content markdown pages and force the use of the native page creation interface for menu entry).

If more of y’all have custom themes then don’t have them, I can try sticking bookshelves and category cloud up and see how support goes.

I probably oughta put a general guide together regarding my current paradigm/approach to plugin parameters. If I do so, I will come back and drop in the link.

As it currently stands, you can always manually install my plugins and I will provide individual support (especially when it comes to theme integration, y’all are my Guinea pigs. As we figure out what CSS is required for this or that to play nice with a particular theme, I can add what we’ve discovered to the data template in the comment for the style parameter we modified). I put a page together for holding up-to-date(ish) documentation for my plugins at