Categories in Sunlit or app?

I was on my iPad tonight when I discovered it was International Dog Day. I went to post a photo of my dogs to my using Sunlit. It was the first time I’d used the app. It went fine, but I noticed I didn’t seem to have a way to assign a category to the post.

After posting in Sunlit, I opened the iOS app and went to edit that post so I could assign a category, but that app didn’t seem to have a way to do it, either.

Next I went to my browser, logged in, went to edit the post there, and discovered to my amusement that it was already assigned to the category of “dogs”!

My questions:

  1. Is it correct that Sunlit and the app on iOS do not have a way to assign categories to posts, or did I miss something?

  2. How did my post end up with the right category when I didn’t assign one?

I think you’re right that there’s no way in Sunlit. In the official iOS app, you can assign categories by tapping the gear icon. You have to create the category through the web client first, though.

There’s a feature called Filters that let you set up rules for automatically assigning categories to post. Maybe you have a filter for assigning the dog category that you forgot about? Check it out in the web client by navigating to Categories and tap Edit Filters.

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Oh! I checked, I did apparently set up one filter months ago, and it was for the word “dog”. I hadn’t remembered doing that.

Also thank you for location of categories in the app!

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