Categories in iOS + MacOS app

I just started using categories.

I discovered on the iOS that if you edit an existing post, the gear icon does not display, which is where you change the category. This seems like a bug.

On the MacOS app, I’ve noticed that the category view option is not persistent. So I have to manually go to the view menu to show it before I can select a category on each and every post. Perhaps a default setting could be adopted that would lessen this friction? It feels like an unnecessary step for those that make regular use of categories.


I would like to see this too. I use categories as essentially hidden metadata for my microblog, such as whether I want to show a post as “updated.” It is a bit annoying to have to open the website on my phone to do this.

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I’m just getting started w categories and agree it would be helpful on the Mac app for the category view to be persistent (but not obtrusive) :slight_smile:

100%, the edit function should include categories. I wonder if it would be possible to open source the clients and have the community work on some of these things? It feels like the iOS app could use some love (lots of crashes and some polishing up is in order).

Here’s the iOS app.

Here’s the macOS app.

Well, cool.