Categories from feed categories?


I’m using mostly to import stuff off my own Bludit blog and keep it here, both for long-term archiving and (maybe) for making my only environment once it can post full-length stuff over to Mastodon/Friendica. So far, my blog provides a feed like this …

… with Hashtags being included as elements. I tried filtering posts, this way, into categories all along this documentation …

… but failed. So, wondering: Is this supposed to work? Would it be possible to support such an approach? Or do I really have to include hashtags in the actual text content?
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When adding a feed to Sources and choosing the import option, categories currently aren’t recognized. However, if this is more like a one-time import, have you tried importing it under Posts → “…” → Import as a WordPress file? WordPress’s format is (more or less) RSS, and that importer does recognize categories.

We should improve the feed importer to recognize categories, though.

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Ah ok, thanks. It’s a permanent sync so far unfortunately, still relying on my blog for crossposting full length posts to ActivityPub/Friendica. :slightly_smiling_face: