Captioning for image accessibility for blind users?

Will captioning be available in the future?

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Is captioning different to using alt text?

No, in the sense that using an alt attribute adds a descriptor for the content or function to an img element embedded in HTML which could then be read by a screen reader.

Something like this - Big Bird is a character from Sesame Street. It is an eight-foot two-inch tall bright yellow anthropomorphic bird.

As a blind Microblogger, I’d absolutely love this feature. I thought it was possible to add alt attributes from within the iOS app, but now that I’m looking for it, I don’t find it any more. If this feature really isn’t available, I hope it will be added. Not only can adding alt attributes help blind folks like me, but they can help make content more searchable.

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On iOS, try: new post → add image → select image → select “Add Description”

It’s the same process on the web, just without the last step.

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@simonwoods I didn’t know that. That’s great to know, thanks.

@SteveSawczyn browse my last two posts and let me know how they turn out :grinning: