Can't unsubscribe from Discover feed

This is a strange one. I have been trying to unsubscribe from Mb’s Discover feed from Reeder, the RSS app I use. But despite hitting the ‘unsubscribe’ button in different apps (macOS and iOS), it always pops back up when there are new posts.

Hey @pratik, I had this with several newsletters in Reeder, so I don’t think it’s an M.b. issue. I had to go through the actual newsletter unsubscribe process to get rid of the newsletters, but I’m not sure what you could do for the Discover feed. You might want to email Feedbin/Reeder support.

I don’t think it’s an Mb issue per se either. But I’ve unsubscribed from other blogs (to test) without any problem with them popping back up. Also, the Discover feed is a regular RSS feed, unlike the newsletter ones, which can be unique for each user. Anyway, I just posted it here coz it was puzzling.

I had added @sod’s RSS discover feed that had the Conversation plugin included but somewhere down the line, that got replaced by the regular one, so dunno if that’s something to do with it.

Puzzling indeed, but it must be an issue with Reeder and/or the optional third-party service provider (Feedbin, Feedly, iCloud, etc.). There’s no mechanism for an RSS feed to force itself into someone’s feed reader. Luckily. :blush: So contacting Reeder support is probably your best bet.

Regarding the experimental feed I provide, the conversation link is still present there. Which URL are you using?

Yup. Will contact Reeder. I just wasn’t unable to replicate it with another feed hence posted on this forum. I’m not sure what happened with the experimental feed. I had added it but at some point, it got replaced with this sticky one that doesn’t have your conversation links.