Can't see all the people I follow says I’m following 3 users. shows only one user.

I suspect that 2 accounts I follow were deleted?

As to how I got here… Back when I followed people, the timeline was a mess. A couple people would post so often that they’d drown out everyone else. So I unfollowed everybody but @news and now my timeline is really useful: just important site updates + previews of what my posts look like to other people. It feels like a blogging dashboard!

I still follow a bunch of people, but I moved all the subscriptions to NetNewsWire so I could organize them. Still, it’s hard to reply from NetNewsWire, and it feels antisocial for to think I don’t follow anybody. It would be nice if I could follow them without their posts going to my timeline.

Yes, very likely 2 of the user accounts have been deleted. The numbers are not currently updated when that happens. We need to fix that.