Can't Access Domain Settings

Trying to access domain settings cause I would like to set up a mailbox with fast mail using my domain. I can’t seem to find where to update these domain settings and when trying to recover the username and password with and I’m not receiving any emails. They recommend I reach out to you guys. Just confused about how to proceed and how my domain is managed.

We don’t have a full interface for managing all DNS records, so you’ll need to email me at with what settings you need and I’ll update them for you. There isn’t technically a account for these, is just the provider that hosts the DNS settings, so you can’t sign in separately.

In if you click Account → Get a Domain Name → View Records, there are some limited options there such as setting up an email address forward. That is where the new options will go when they are ready. But again, for now just email me and I’ll get it configured.