Cannot load posts from iOS app

Recently when opening the iOS to view my posts, nothing loads. Then attempting to reopen the posts page the app crashes. Any way I can submit feedback or more info?

I’m seeing the same crashing when I try to view my posts on the iOS app.

I emailed the today and figure I’ll tag @manton to make sure he’s aware of this.

Thanks, I’m looking into this. This sounds similar to a previous bug that was fixed quite a while ago, but I’m wondering if the fix did not make it into a release on iOS yet.

Did you get any further with this? I’ve got this problem too. In the app on my iPad, I see my posts for a split second, then the app crashes. No problem on the web version, but on the Android app I can scroll down seven posts, then the app crashes. I can’t make these apps crash any other way, it’s just trying to look at my own posts.

Same here, with latest iOS and Microblog app. I tried the usual “stuff” (uninstall/reinstall, logout). I thought also to roll back to a previous (beta) version, but I don’t know if it’s even possible.

@manton Let us know if we can provide any additional detail.

Thanks, I’ve been troubleshooting the issue this week. I’ll post a TestFlight beta when I think it’s ready, and then when we’re sure it fixes the crash, do an App Store release.


Thanks so much @manton! Would love to get a TestFlight link and I’m also a mobile developer and would love to help out in anyway on any of the apps.