Cannot find twitter/X for crossposting in feeds


I just registered because I’d like to use the hub functionality having one single source of truth here on and have my contend distributed/crossposted on different services. One of them is Twitter/X. Even though I find posts that it should work, I can’t find it in the feeds section.

Any clue what I miss or did wrong?

Thx does not have built-in support for cross-posting to X anymore. The feature was sunset last year.

Thank you for the info. That’s sad. Unfortunately still many on X nowadays so kind of a show stopper for me. But I thought that manual crossposting to Twitter/X should still be working. Is that correct?

Unfortunately I cannot test it myself, I am in the trial now and have provided payment infos but still says that I cannot use that features as my payment info is missing.

It depends on what you mean with manual cross-posting. You can, of course, copy the content of your blog post and paste it into X manually. But there’s no API integration between and X any longer.

The pricing for the Twitter/X API is cost prohibitive for this use case. That was intentional on Twitter/X’s part.

Manual cross-posting supports X. See image, with my posts:


Thank you all for the tipps and infos.

I’m about to embark on a (probably stupid) project to write a custom service that’ll use IFTTT Pro to generate an altered RSS feed in a format X would like, then create Tweets when new items arrive in said feed. I’ll drop something in these forums if I end up with something usable.


Is IFTTT still supporting Twitter?

if you pay 'em they are, yes

Well, this is weird—now I’m no longer seeing the option for manually cross-posting to Twitter from Has something changed?

I believe Elon thinks his software is so magnificent that he should be paid orders of magnitude more money to automatically post to it even as his site declines in any kind of advertising relevance (at least based on advertisers exits). I would ping him :slight_smile:

I also cannot find the Twitter/X manual cross-posting option. Weird.

That’s the interesting thing, it is completely free to create tweets via the API X v2 (see Getting Started with the Twitter API | Docs | Twitter Developer Platform) and that’s all I would need.

UPDATE: I could work around it for now with a IFTTT rule, based on that manual but this costs extra for the IFTTT.