Cannot add book to currently reading


I’ve been adding a few books to my want to read and currently reading lists. Unfortunately I cannot get The Path Between the Seas to add to any list.

I see it on Goodreads (which I saw some issues about in other help posts). I also don’t see anything in my Activity log.

Any ideas?

Sorry, it looks like we are hitting a limit on one of the services we use to look up book information, and that is causing it to silently fail. I’m going to work around this. In the meantime, our iOS/Android app Epilogue won’t have this limit.

Thanks @manton, The Epilogue app worked. For some reason I didn’t know that it existed. I kept looking for bookshelf functionality in the app itself and just figured it was a web only feature.

The app on my iPad will be even more convenient.

Years ago, I scanned in many hundreds of books from my library into some app, by Panic, I think?? I wonder what happened to all that data…

I don’t remember an app from Panic that did that, but might have been Delicious Library? I used that to try to scan in my books but got stalled… One day will finish and get them into

Yes, Delicious Library! That was it…
So many macs ago, I wonder if the data files survived somewhere in all of my many archives…

Although the paper books did not survive the downsizing of the house it would be fun to resurrect and import them to