Can you support another payment methods(like Alipay)?

Hi there, I’m from China, currently I’m trying use, the experience of is great, now I’m using 10 day trial plans. But I’ve some issues of pricings and payments.

More than just $5 is some expensive (because I’ve a VPS. if micro blog price is $3 is good), I don’t have available payment methods to make paid for Micro blog.

I live in China and I not have credit cards (My country gov and banks restrict new card registration) , I can only use Alipay. So if after 10 days, my micro blog will be lost.

I know it is difficult to implement international payments in China, but if you can support another payment methods let me use micro blog, I’m very grateful. :wink:

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For anyone ending up here, this question was answered on the timeline:

Email and we’ll sort something out on the hosting subscription. We host blogs in every language the web supports. :earth_asia::earth_africa::earth_americas: :innocent: