Can not find micro blog posts on mastodon

I am following my from mastodon and reposting my posts so people can comment on them, but If I try to search my blog post on mastodon I can not find anything, is It a bug or a not implemented thing?

What’s your Mastodon instance, and what is your ActivityPub handle? I’m experiencing similar issues, in my case on Friendica not Mastodon though; in there, I’m able to view profiles and follow people but never manage to either receive any posts automatically or access them even if I have the URL of the post around. Not sure whether this is the same problem though.

Search is relatively new on Mastodon, and weird. But note this post literally from today:


Are we talking “search” (keyword, hashtag, …) or generally “finding” posts here (i.e. if you know the actual url)?

As @jsonbecker noted, we just updated this today. Mastodon keeps track of whether a fediverse profile allows posts to be searched. Because of how Mastodon caches profile information, it’s likely that most people’s posts aren’t being indexed yet by Mastodon, but you can fix this by going into → Account and just clicking “Update” again. This will make sure the latest version of your profile information is sent out to all your followers on Mastodon.

After that, posts created on will start appearing in Mastodon search. I’ve confirmed that it’s working for my posts. There is probably a small delay in Mastodon before posts are available in search.

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But I’m super glad you excluded people who have a no-robots file in place.

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Related: It’d be cool if, when signing up people were offered the chance to install that plug-in. Since the ActivityPub feature is opt-out, this new “searchable” feature now means creating a account also opts your activity into Mastodon search results.

My instance is, my handle is… but I am receiving my posts, I just can not find them when I search on mastodon with the url

Finding posts with the url

I could not find my posts. neither your last post Manton Reece - Apple needs a flop , not sure if I am doing anything wrong here

I just tried searching for the title of my post and it does show up on Mastodon for me. Note that this does require a recent version of Mastodon, so not all servers will support it yet.

Search by URL doesn’t work yet, though. That is something we need to add on the side still.

Ok, I was searching with the url