Can I translate the taxonomy term "categories" somehow?

I’m building a finnish blog on top of and ran into a problem with Categories.

In my theme config.json, I added “taxonomies”:{“categories”:“kategoriat”} and replaced all references (that I could find from theme files) from categories → kategoriat. After that, I also added “permalinks”: {“categories”: “/kategoriat/:slug/”}

But after these changes and rebuilding the site, the new url structure still don’t work and if I go to, I get blank page with “Not found”.

If I go to Blogging | Juha Liikala, it works.

What am I missing, or is translating these things even possible? I wonder if it’s the categories term in each posts markdown (in the frontmatter part), that doesn’t get updated / translated and because of this, no luck.

Has anyone managed to do something similar? :blush: Thanks! doesn’t support all of the Hugo features. In particular, support for only “categories” as a taxonomy (for example, no tags) is pretty hard coded.

That said, definitely doesn’t support custom slugs/urls. So I would bet everything under permalinks in your config is skipped in addition to not respecting alternative taxonomy options.

That said, I don’t know that for sure.

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Thanks Jason!

Yeah, it’s not such a big deal really. Was just tinkering with my site yesterday and been translating things one by one. Categories and url structure was the next in list, but I can live with them being in English :blush:

Having said that, if there is a way now or later, please ping me back here. Would be neat! :+1:


I am not sure what this means, but it sure sounds like someone saw this and is making improvements in this area.

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It looks like this will solve my issue, as I can now do this:

I am bit on the fence about running two separate micro.blogs though (one in English, one in Finnish). I guess the ideal solution would be to have them under one roof, but just have separate section on the site for updates in Finnish. I’m pretty sure that’s what I’ll end up with. :smile: