Bulk editing categories?

Now that I have migrated years of posts from various other solutions (Nikola, Pelican, Ghost, etc…) to micro.blog I have the urge to try to clean up my categories and tag longer posts to make them easier to distinguish from my micro posts.

Is there any way to quickly update the category on many posts at once? I would like to put all of my longer posts into an article category. I’ve been pretty haphazard in my assigning of other categories along the way but loads of them could use the Travel or Camping category.

You could probably accomplish this with the Auto-filter posts by length, text, or even emoji feature.

There’s a powerful filter mechanism inside Micro.blog for automatically assigning categories based on criteria in the post. … By default, filters are applied to new posts only. To also apply the filter to all posts, there’s a new “Run Filter” button. For blogs with thousands of posts, make sure to give Micro.blog a little time to update all your posts and publish them to your blog.

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