Bug with posting photos and Mastodon

My post, linked here, and published here, has 12 photos in it and only a few characters of text. I like to post/spam a bunch of photos like that. But I wonder if I’m using micro.blog the wrong way?

I understand that more than four photos and less than 300 characters of text falls outside of the convention/expectation of what should happen with a post this size.

Only four photos get shared to Mastodon and other crossposts, without a “link for more” and then when following the blog on Mastodon there’s a large blank space in the post.

Should I not be posting more than four photos? Or is there a fix?

The 4 photos per post is a Mastodon limit. However, you’re right, if there are more than 4 photos in the blog post, we should add a link to the full blog post. I’ll add that.

I assume this hasn’t been completed? I had a cross-post to social.lol where only 4 photos showed up and those were very low resolution and looked terrible.

I’ve fixed the low resolution issue so that it uses larger versions of the photos, but the change hasn’t rolled out yet. Should be live later today.

Oh sweet thanks Manton!