Bug: Uploaded videos aren’t working

Posts that include a video that I’ve uploaded to MB are not showing that video correctly on my blog or in the timeline. Example: // Jarrod Blundy

Post raw text:

I love my town. 🧡 📹

<video controls>
<source src="https://jb.heydingus.net/uploads/2023/5d9e47517e.mp4" type="video/mp4">

Now the image on this new post isn’t showing either.

Seems there is a problem system wide - others are reporting post and media issues too.

Any photo uploads should have completed now that everything is back up. However, I don’t see that video. If it doesn’t appear, I think you may need to upload it. It’s also possible the video upload was somehow unrelated to this downtime.

I tried re-uploading just now but it’s still not loading the file correctly, it seems. And and it doesn’t seem like other video posts are right either.

I think you have two different problems.

  1. The video 36592bd1f2.mov is zero bytes, so something probably went wrong during the upload. Maybe Micro.blog doesn’t like the original video for some reason (obscure file format, too large file size or similar)?
  2. Your other video files look fine to me, like 9dc3e13f16.mp4. But, on the actual page, the video element lacks the controls attribute, so visitors won’t see a play button. If you write the opening tag like <video controls> a play button should show up.