Bug: Duplicate empty post when getting replies

Any idea why sometimes these duplicate ghost posts that lead to a micro.blog domain rather than my personal domain happen? I thought I had nipped the issue in the bud when I stopped pulling in an alternate RSS feed into my timeline. It happened a lot on those posts and I thought it was because there were some wires getting crossed with people replying to a non-MB hosted post. But now it happened again here on a run-of-the-mill hosted blog post.

It’s not a huge deal, but it does split the conversation and those replies don’t appear on my blog. Rebuilding my blog did not clear it out, either.

I’ve seen similar behavior on my wife’s timeline:

Here’s the original entry, first, and second duplicates. Something for @manton to look into?

I got four duplicates on another post today.

This is interesting. The permalink is wrong for the duplicates too. I’ve seen something similar with loading conversations from Mastodon. I expect it’s related to that or Webmention… Somewhere where it needs to create the post because it can’t find it at first.

That’s kind of what I thought. Should I leave them up for you to look into, or could I delete them from my profile?

Feel free to delete them. I think I have enough information to try to track this down. If you see this again, let me know.

Aye-aye :saluting_face: Thanks!

By the way, what happens if I delete one that already has replies like this one? Does the whole conversation go away, too?

Another! (Original timeline entry and blog post)

It’s a bummer that these replies won’t appear on my site.

Oh, and now there’s a third after I replied to his comment.

And again to this post: :: Jarrod Blundy





It’s happening again. I’m pretty sure I’ve narrowed it happening down to when a Mastodon user is the first reply on a post. And then all kinds of duplicates get created when I reply back to them. Newest example.

Ugh. Looking into this again. Your theory that it’s when a Mastodon user replies first sounds true to me.

I figured this out. It was happening for people using the default @micro.blog ActivityPub usernames, which is another reason why I wasn’t seeing it consistently. Working on a fix that should be ready soon. Thanks!

Ah, gotcha. Thanks for fixing it! :raised_hands:

As soon as you’re sure followers aren’t affected, I’ll be happy to switch to my own domain for my ActivityPub username to save you the trouble in the future. :wink:

@manton Ruh-roh. Looks like it’s still happening. https://micro.blog/2023/07/17/i-just-released.html

Although, now that I think about it, I did accidentally post this twice and then delete one. Maybe it’s due to that.

Thanks, it’s possible there is still an issue because I did revert part of the fix I made last week because it broke replies making it to Mastodon, because the URLs changed and Mastodon was effectively ignoring the replies from Micro.blog. So I think more work might need to be done here.

Just adding on here. Same issue for me. And first reply was indeed from Mastodon.

Thanks, that’s very helpful. I see there’s another wrinkle to this. The URLs are “wrong” because Mastodon won’t let us use subdomains like you.micro.blog if it doesn’t match your ActivityPub identity, which it won’t if you don’t have a custom domain name. I’m going to roll out a change today that should work around this finally.