Bug? Discover -> Search

Not sure if this a known bug or a temporary search outage…

Searching for @Gargron@mastodon.social in Discover gives the generic error page:

Error while processing the request. Please try again or email help@micro.blog. Check the news blog for updates.

I seemed to be getting this pretty consistently if there was a trailing space or the @ address was for an invalid domain, but now I’m not sure if that was really the symptom or it’s just happening randomly.

Anyone else seeing this?

Personally I’m not having such kind of problem. :thinking:
Was it a temporary fault?

Let us know if it’s still happening. I’m not seeing that either right now if the username is entered exactly, but I can reproduce it if there is an extra space. I’ll fix that.


A space was sometimes accidentally appended when pasting a name, so that was how I noticed it.

That said, I can reliably get that error if I enter @allaboutgeorge vs @allaboutgeorge@micro.blog, so it isn’t handling local names either.

However, @jsonbecker@json.blog works but slightly breaking the correct address as @jsonbecker@json.blo gives the error.

I guess the first one is not a fully qualified address, but in both cases the error message looks like something went wrong rather than just saying “Can’t find that”.

Thanks, I’ve tracked this down and should have a fix ready today.

Thanks Manton. No longer failing on malformed names, so looking good.

Entering a person’s given and surname (with a space between) works fine, but there still seems to be a corner-case where a trailing space will cause it to return a blank result though.

Thanks, I’ll get that fixed too. I was focused on the error but should be easy to trim the spaces off to make sure they don’t interfere on the backend.