Bug: ActivityPub profile links from Mastodon don't work in web UI

I added my Mastodon-compatible handle to my Mastodon-account: @torb@social.torb.no

When opening this link through a Mastodon app client like for example Ivory that works fine and I’m able to follow.

However, if I’m using a web interface (which is what a lot of Mastodon users use) and I click on that link I simply get a very cryptic webpage (looks like Mastodon API-output or something).

On a technical level the link translate to https://social.torb.no/activitypub/torb. This does not happen with other Mastodon links and this breaks expected conventions for how ActivityPub links work so I hope this will get fixed.

(Put this post in cross-posting as it seems liked the cloest, tho this is not really about cross-posting as much as it’s about ActivityPub support.)

Sorry, this broke a few days ago when we were trying to improve compatibility with another ActivityPub server. I’m rolling out the fix right now. Those URLs should show your profile page with a special field to make it easier to follow from Mastodon.

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