Broken Photos Page

My photos page has a lot of broken image in it after changing custom domain name, I reached out to @help twice but it’s still not fixed. I would appreciate if someone could look into it for me. Thanks in advance


Sorry, should be fixed now. As you said the domain name hadn’t updated for some of the older posts. Thanks!

By the way, if you want to change your header image to be smaller with CSS for desktop users, you can do something like this under Design → Edit CSS:

.site-header img {
  width: 250px

Awesome, thanks! Added CSS as well, good idea :blush:

Ok, not sure what’s happening but I am back with the same issue again. This time I did not do anything so I wonder if there is cache issue somewhere as the images are broken again.

Sorry, when I fixed this I should’ve cleared all the caches too. It will fix itself automatically (or you can choose Account → View logs → Rebuild) but I’ll force it to update so everything should be good again.