Bookshelves Export: include finished date

I’m about to collate from different sources my reading history, at least the last ~16 years of it.

I did a little experiment by putting some books on my bookshelves and exporting the result and noticed that the available fields are title, author, isbn and cover_url. Same could be said for the JSON in the data folder in my hugo instance.

That’s great but since I’m going to manually input at least a couple of hundreds of finished_dates, I’d like to be able to have that field included in the export, so I can have a backup of my data. And by extension (I guess the thing are closely related), I’d love to have that field available also via the JSON in Hugo so I can display on my site.

Is this feasible? I guess this sounds more like a feature request, right? :upside_down_face: :grimacing:

Both are definitely feasible. It looks like Goodreads uses a CSV field called “Date Read”. I’ll start by adding that to’s export, and then we can consider what makes sense for Hugo data too.

Awesome! Thanks Manton

The CSV export now includes Date Read.

Oh interesting. I’m not sure I knew this data property existed. Right now, I manual shelve Read into years, but this could be a good improvement in the future.

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Thanks again, Manton. Much appreciated.