Bookshelf work flow?

How does the Bookshelf “workflow” function?

When I look at my “Currently Reading” shelf, there’s a button that says “Move to Finished Reading”. And my “Book Wishlist” has a button that says “Move to Currently Reading”. I added a new shelf called “New Additions” and it has no button to move books to some shelf.

Is this “workflow” something that is configurable? I vaguely recall that maybe these shelves existed by default when my account was created though I may have changed their name. I assume that this flow is hard-coded for some particular shelves.

It would be cool if we could configure a path for books to move through shelves.

All I can say here is that these three shelves are indeed there by default. Unfortunately can’t help with the main question here.

For those 3 default bookshelves, adds the “Move to Currently Reading” / “Finished Reading” as a convenience, because it knows that’s probably what you want to do. It should be fine to rename the default bookshelves and still preserve that behavior, but if you delete and create your own bookshelves, doesn’t know to add those buttons.

However, you can still move books to other shelves by clicking on the book and then choosing the bookshelf to move or copy it to. (Whether it moves it or makes a copy also depends on whether knows the type of bookshelf, since you might want a book to exist in multiple bookshelves.)

Let me know if that makes sense or what improvements we could make so that it’s more obvious. The native apps (for macOS, and Epilogue for iOS) are a little different, so we may want to make the behavior more consistent.

That makes sense. I’ve renamed mine but I assumed they had some special significance as they were there by default.

Maybe we could have a little UI to describe the “order” of the shelves to make those little convenience buttons even more convenient? I recognize I’m probably the only person who would care about this. hahahaha