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Many users love to read and want to share the books they’ve enjoyed or are interested in. If you include the :books: emoji in your microblog post, will notice this and add your post to the Discover section. There’s a list of other special emoji here.

If you use Goodreads on iOS, you can tap the Share button in Goodreads and choose the for iOS app to compose a new post with the title and cover of the book for easy sharing. also supports IndieBookClub for posting about a book. When you use IndieBookClub, will automatically add the :books: emoji to the end of your post and link your book title. The link goes to a special page on for that book, with the book cover and links to Amazon,, and WorldCat. ( does not collect any referral revenue from Amazon.)

Book search is another way to find a book and start a new microblog post for it. You can search by title and author. Book search uses Open Library.

Few thoughts on integration.

  1. It’s really cool!
  2. It’d be nice if when I share a book the bookshop link could use my own affiliate code (saved in a config or something?)
  3. Could the link to the book entry be at the end of the post, like “(book link)”…reason is that way if I overload the post with a link to my rating, notes, post, etc. that link comes first downstream (like on twitter, where only the first link will show)

Here’s an example where I overloaded the post two ways:

  1. added stars to the title to show my rating
  2. added a link to my notes to the author

@toddgrotenhuis you can use my plug-in to get custom short codes that allow you to share with your affiliate link (either to create a link or use their embeds).

Thanks @jsonbecker. I think I have that setup correctly…but I don’t think it applies to the post that is generated (the link. Does it?

or maybe I can overload the start of the book title with the shortcode, and see if that doesn’t get included as part of the book link…will test

I have not tested the interaction with using the MB specific work, but since it’s just a short code that gets processed in a post, I’d imagine adding a short code (possibly after editing a post created that way?) or to the content of the post as it’s happening should work. I haven’t looked into how syndication works, but it’s possible that I just need to add a micro format to my plug in to trigger a webmention so that using the short code alone will also syndicate.

On the new book import, can their be a minimal file format rather than/in addition to Goodreads that’s supported? I’m thinking ISBN, shelf or maybe ISBN, shelf, read_date.

To document the current import format: it requires the first line of the CSV to be a header line with the column names, so they can be In any order. It looks for:

  • Title
  • Author
  • ISBN
  • ISBN13
  • Bookshelves

Bookshelves in the file can include multiple, comma-separated values. Goodreads has some special names like “read”, “currently-reading”, and “to-read” that also recognizes.

Excellent. My Storygraph data is cleaner.

I’m attempting an import via CSV from Book Track. 12 minutes later and I think it might be stuck or the export doesn’t have any of the necessary information.

Or it just doesn’t work on Safari for iPad. (Yes I need to get a Mac, I know.)

I edited my earlier reply to add “ISBN13” as a column name. I forgot that it does currently look for that. I’m fixing it so either one can be missing, but for now you’ll need both “ISBN” and “ISBN13”, but they don’t both need to be filled in. just picks whichever isn’t blank.

New books beta: when there is a rarer/unknown ISBN, I get this error:

Error while processing the request. Please try again or email Check the news blog for updates.

example: 9781598535808 (

Thanks, I’ll fix that. It looks like that particular book doesn’t have an author set in the database we’re using, so that’s confusing I’ll roll out the fix later today.

Thanks for doing this and switching it on for me!

A coupl things with the beta:

  • I set both Finished and Currently Reading to display on my About page. At first, only currently was showing. I thought maybe only one could show so I turned that off and now, neither shows, no matter what I do.
  • To me, the workflow makes more sense if the Book Search button is on the page you get to after clicking the particular shelf, rather than kinda hard to find at account/bookshelves
  • The Book Search button could also be useful at the bottom of account/bookshelves

Hope this is useful feedback!

For information in the hope that it may help someone!

I was having problems importing my Goodreads data into Bookshelves.

My Goodreads export file was 170KB and contained 779 books in 7 shelf categories. Importing this into repeatedly failed, only importing a handful of books before apparently giving up.

Reading some of Manton’s posts and trying to anticipate where problems might lie I decided to tidy up the Goodreads csv file a little:

I deleted all of the csv columns except

  • Title
  • Author
  • ISBN
  • ISBN13
  • Bookshelves

I removed all lines containing books which had no ISBN data - mainly my Kindle books.

In my export csv Goodreads had left the Bookshelves column blank for books I had read. I added the entry read into this column for all of them.

These steps left me with a 45KB file with 578 books.

This file has now successfully imported all 578 books into with all bookshelves populating correctly. Not sure if all these tidying steps were necessary or what exactly the issues with my original file were but at least it’s resolved now!

The only thing that’s missing now is an easy way to get my books without ISBN data imported - ebooks (Kindle in my case) and old books that pre-date the ISBN system.

I hadn’t thought about setting 2 bookshelves to the same blog page. I’ll figure out how to handle that better. Although I’d expect it to fix itself and not get stuck like that.

Do imports update, append, or ignore existing books? Thinking about do a mass add to “years” bookshelves.

I would love to be able to access in a page parameter books by shelf, so that I could organize my reading page by year, with a grid in each year and currently reading on top… I’d be happy to write this as a plug in if I knew what data to access.

If I want to send someone URLs for my Read or Want to Read (or other) lists, how do I compose them? Thanks!