☆Bookmarks ⇢ Links

Bookmarks ☆ Links has an ugly bug already on the todo list that makes me wish there was a delete button. Or even better: I wish I could switch it OFF.

The links feature can be more usable if it becomes more flexible, with:

  • A button to delete selected links (one, multiple, or ‘select all’)
  • A button to promote selected links from Links ⇢ Bookmarks
  • An option to disable the Links feature, if a user only wants to use the bookmarks and highlights.

I would turn off Links because it is automatic. Even if I could curate (delete/promote) the links, this would be unwanted attention and work for me. I use a lot of links in my posts to add context to the text. I don’t want most of those links cluttering up my highlighted bookmark selection. When I do want to save the link, I just bookmark the link into my Bookmarks myself.

Thanks for the feedback. Disabling or hiding it an interesting idea. I was just working on fixing the problem of links showing up more than one time, and adding a remove link. That should roll out in the next couple of days.

Thanks for fixing the bug and adding a :put_litter_in_its_place: button. Just curious: will the many same links disappear, removed automatic from the database?

The bug in bookmarks/links is still in my bookmarks UI.

Please remove these links, keep it simple: only manually curated bookmarks and highlights. No automated (and buggy!) saving of links in my posts. I add links in my posts as context for the reader, not to have them saved in my bookmarks archive.

Thanks for bringing this up again. Good news finally: I’ve really fixed the bug creating duplicates. I’ve also cleared out any recent duplicates on your account. And I’ve added Copy/Delete buttons to the Links tab.

Since the links list under an additional tab next to my bookmarks highlights cannot be disabled, I manually deleted the links from it with the recently added ‘delete’ button.

After this, unfortunately, all archived versions of my bookmarks have disappeared :scream: Is this a (new) bug? How can I get the archived versions added to my bookmarks again? I did a rebuild in the account settings, but that could not restore these archived versions of my bookmarks…

Update Oct. 16: still getting (as many as 4 or 5) duplicates in Links from my posts. I delete those once a day. So it seems this bug is not fixed.

@ovr You’re right, I’ve found another edge case with duplicate links and think I’ve got it fixed now. Please let me know if you still see new duplicates pop up!

I tested a post with two links in the text. The first link was saved good (= once), the second link was saved 4 times in a row.