Bookmarks/Link Editing

I’m not seeing an option to deleting Links inside the Bookmarks feature. A quick scan here in the Help Center doesn’t reveal a solution either. What am I missing or is this something not available yet?

I believe those are just an active list of links you’ve used in your posts. They’re tied to your new posts, not to actual bookmarks you’ve manually saved.

This makes sense but there is one link I saved without posting. Don’t need it anymore. I did delete a post using a saved link and it has not been removed either. I’m still not sure what I am missing here in order to delete and clean up my saved links.

Thanks, it makes sense to have a delete button here especially for the case of removing a link in a blog post. I’ll add it.

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Hmm, so that’s what links are? All the links used in posts? I was wondering about that, maybe I missed the documentation on that.

There’s not good documentation on links yet. Whenever you link to something in a blog post, it keeps a record of it and archives a copy of the page too. You can also do things like search for a domain name to see all your links to any pages on that site.

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Wait wait, so you’re telling me that any page I link to (not just bookmark) is also archives? I totally missed this! This can be very useful. Can highlighting be applied to those too?

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That’s right, except no highlighting yet for links that aren’t bookmarks. That seems like something we could add. Or maybe there should be a simple button to move a link into a “real” bookmark.