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I’ve been using a Shortcut to save bookmarks, which is one fewer step than using the bookmarklet. It seems to work well, but I have a query.

In the Micropub section of @manton book, he gives an example of saving a bookmark of a url with some additional content (in this case “enjoyed reading this”):

POST /micropub
Authorization: Bearer 123456789
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded


However, I haven’t been able to get this to work. I can save the link easily, but just pulls the title of the post instead of this additional content that I have written. Depending on the setup of that website this can be ok, but I also have one bookmark that just tells me the name of the website - which is not helpful when I can’t remember what the link is about!

Am I missing something or is this not enabled? I feel it would enhance the functionality of the feature a lot if it was possible.

Thank you.

This is a limitation in It currently ignores the “content” field when saving bookmarks. To be honest, I can’t exactly remember why we did it that way… It does seem like we should add the content too. For example, maybe content and then the title of the bookmarked page.

I’ll make this page.

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Thank you!

Thanks for making that shortcut, Tom! I did end up taking out the OS logic so I could use it from apps like Reeder on the Mac, but still very helpful to have something that “just worked!”

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This sounds awesome, do you have a link to the shortcut?

Sure. I didn’t test it at all, though: Just took out that OS conditional and satisfied myself that it worked on Reeder. I think it starts behaving weirdly in Safari on Mac having done that. Like, maybe you need to select the text in the location bar or something. Doesn’t matter to me because I have the bookmarklet sitting right there, but my little lobotomy definitely makes it less smooth for the general use case of “Safari on iOS + MacOS without having to think about it.”

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Thanks Mike, do you also happen to have a link to the original version that Tom created? His website was not found, so I’m not sure he’s still active on MB anymore to ask.

Dunno how different this is, but the shortcut I use on iOS has worked pretty well. Maybe it could be improved by importing the selected text as a description.

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