Book Covers formatting

I used the ‘Create Post’ from Epilogue’s Goals tab for 2023 (I wish we had this option on the web too). However, the book covers used in this post are not the ones I replaced a couple of weeks ago (thanks to this new feature). However, on my blog’s Bookshelf page, the new covers show up just fine. Why the discrepancy?

See covers for Jane Harper’s The Survivors and Force of Nature

Thanks, I’m testing a fix for this that I’ll roll out this week. Longer answer: often there are multiple copies of the same book in, so in this case it was showing the cover for a random one. I’m changing it to prefer the copy that is actually used in your bookshelf so it gets the custom cover.

By the way, until we have this option on the web… If anyone doesn’t use Epilogue but does use the reading goals feature, you can also get the book grid by adding this special shortcode with the year to a blog post, like this:

Here are the books I finished reading this year.

{{< bookgoals 2023 >}}

This will automatically install the “Book reading goals” plug-in too.


Saw the update via News. Will this apply to the post I already created?

Also, got the following error when I was trying to export for my regular backup:

Error: Error building site: "content/2023/12/29/": failed to extract shortcode: template for shortcode "bookgoals" not found

It should apply to previous posts whenever updates your blog again. For the backup error… That is interesting. I guess not all the plug-ins are being applied during the backup export. I’ll check it out, it might fix itself too.

I’m using this shortcode but the book cover images aren’t linking to their posts, they all have the /reading-goals base URL as the link.

Do you have an example page where this is happening? I’m confused about how this could happen with the plug-in. Thanks!

I’m using the plug-in on this page.

Posted via Bookshelves for The Layover, There’s Something About Merry, A Novel Love Story, and The House in the Cerulean Sea