Bluesky Image profile troubles

Hello there :wave:

Recently there has been troubles in cross-posting images from Mb. Masto looks perfect, as does Mb, but Bluesky is super wonky.

Here are a couple of side-by-side examples:

I have been replacing the Bluesky posts coz they look terrible, but that pond one doesn’t look that bad so I have left it up for troubleshooting.

You can find it here:

Mb: chadkoh
BS: on Bluesky
Masto: Chad Kohalyk: "Day 6: 📷 windy (@Miraz) I went out to try and ca…" - Indieweb.Social

All these images are exported from on macOS 14.4.1 using the “Original Color Profile”. They are shot RAW with my Lumix. Has not been a problem since the April photo challenge :man_shrugging:

Anyone else having this trouble? I have no idea where to start troubleshooting this.

Bluesky has a smaller file size limit that was blocking photos from crossposting so I think Manton is now running some processing reduce the size of your images. This is almost certainly a consequence of that.

That’s probably it. Bluesky has a very low limit for images, just under 1 MB, so tries to resize it multiple times until it fits within the limit. I expect something is going wrong with the colorspace during that resize.

If you don’t mind running an experiment, next time I wonder if you export from and choose the sRGB color profile if it makes any difference?

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Apparently, if you post directly to Bluesky, you can have a larger-sized/quality image, but not via the API. This effectively makes sharing photos on Bluesky via API useless coz 1 MB is pitifully small. PNG graphics may be ok.

Even 1 MB often looks alright in my experience… obviously your milage may vary. I assume Bluesky will raise the limit. I think the issue that started this thread is more about the color profile than the size, but I’m not sure.

Longer term, our plan is to make a personal data server for Bluesky. When that happens, I believe we’ll have direct control over storage so we can remove the limit completely.

I usually only post 2000px wide smaller images to… but they could be going over the 1mb limit… this hasn’t really happened before, but maybe because I was using the iOS app?

I will test the sRGB profile tonight when I post to the challenge and report back

sRGB is a little dark… not as bad as before that’s for sure.

Image info is here: