Bluesky hashtags not recognized when cross-posting

Even though doesn’t use hashtags, I include them in my posts for cross-posting purposes. Mastodon picks them up just fine and they work as expected, Bluesky displayed them but they weren’t functional (expected as there was no implementation). Recently, Bluesky implemented hashtagging, however, the hashtags included in cross-posts from display as plain text and are not clickable or recognized.

Had a thought that maybe it had something to do with not composing in their post editor, I made a quick note in Bear (my notes app) including a plain text hashtag, copied and pasted into a new Bluesky post to see if it would be recognized and it was. While not a perfect analog by any means, it still got me wondering a little more about where the issue lies.

Thinking this could very well be on Bluesky’s end as it’s a new integration but figured it couldn’t hurt to ask.

I haven’t looked at the docs yet but I’m almost sure we need to add support for this now that Bluesky has it, since any links in Bluesky posts are handled in a special way. Should be similar to what we do for Mastodon already.

I’ll work on this soon.

I’ve confirmed there’s a new link type for Bluesky hashtags. I’m testing it and will release the change this week.

Most outstanding, appreciate the quick reply! Should you like me to test anything, please let me know. Thanks again for giving it a look :slight_smile:

Just made a few posts and it looks like the hashtags are working when cross-posting to BlueSky. Thanks for sorting it out!