Bluesky crossposting broken for longer texts?

Folks; is there any issue known about crossposting longer texts to Bluesky? It seems for a while such posts won’t go through anymore resulting in neither an error message of some sort or an actual post of any kind on Bluesky. How to fix that…?
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I just checked my own account ( and I see all of my recent posts, including titled posts and short posts. I have not written title-less posts that exceed the character limit and should be truncated with a link though, if that’s the case you’re talking about.

This one, in example: Out in the wild. – seems it’s slightly longer, but only stays on Does the fact I am importing this from my own external blog matter here?

Maybe? I don’t have that setup and I’m not that familiar with it.

Hmmm… Thanks anyway. So I need to switch back to Friendica crossposting to Bluesky for the time being (which has its own share of flaws, but guess that’s how it is. :see_no_evil: )

I just reviewed our Bluesky cross-posting and confirmed this is a bug in posts without a title that are over 300 characters, which is Bluesky’s post limit. Longer posts are not being truncated correctly by and so the post gets rejected by Bluesky.

Working on a fix that should be out by tomorrow.

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Ah ok, thanks for looking into that, greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

This fix has now been rolled out.

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Checked, seems to work now. Thanks very much! :slight_smile: