Bluesky Crosspost broken?

My last two posts from are not automatically cross-posted to my bluesky account ( It worked for my first test-posts but now it’s broken. I haven’t changed anything so I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this issue as well or @help can help me on that.

Thank you.

Just tried a manual cross-post to bluesky of one of the posts which weren’t crossposted automatically but the manual cross-posting also didn’t work.

Not seeing any problems here, all my Bluesky cross-posts are going through. I checked your logs and I see that it’s having a problem with authentication:

2024-05-22 11:03:53: Bluesky: Error refreshing token.
2024-05-22 11:03:53: Bluesky: Got expired token, refreshing token…
2024-05-22 11:03:53: Bluesky: Error sending post. {“error”:“ExpiredToken”,“message”:“Token has expired”}

Can you try clicking “Disable” next to Bluesky on the feeds page, then enable it again so it prompts for signing in?

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Thx @manton. I disabled and reenabled the connection by creating a new bluesky app password and it seems to work for now. I noticed that host and username aren’t saved and I had to reenter them as well.

Regarding the error, it would be great to have an error message in the feeds page, especially if the system already knows that there is an issue with an expired token so that I can help myself without bothering the forum and support. If I could see my log output that would also help me (as a software developer) to investigate the issue and fix it myself in that case. But I guess in general - for non-tech users - an error message would probably be more helpful.

Thank you for the quick help.

Agreed, we need to get those log errors to show in the right place so it’s more helpful.

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