Bluesky cross-posting problem

Hi. I saw that cross-posting to Bluesky was fixed today. But I am still having trouble with a post that has an image. It will not cross-post manually from the Posts page, nor did it cross-post when first published. I tested a text-only post and it was ok.

Is this working now? I did fix a couple issues but I can’t tell if they were live before you tested this again. If you don’t mind, can you try the manual cross-post one more time? (Sorry for the trouble!)

I think the Bluesky support should be stable now. Bluesky changed something that I wasn’t aware of, but I’ll be keeping a closer eye on things going forward.

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Hi @manton it seems like it’s an issue with the post I linked. I cannot cross-post this post manually.

I tried it with another post and it worked fine.