Bluesky cross-posting not working


I notice that since yesterday, cross posting to Bluesky from a feed appears not to be working.
The logs show:
Feed: Cross-posting to Bluesky…
Bluesky: Uploaded photo, bafkrxxxxxxxxxx
Bluesky: Error sending post.
Feed: Got cross-posted Bluesky URI:

II try recreate the connection, without luck.
Any way to solve this?


Joining in to say I’m all of a sudden having the same problem cross-posting to Bluesky from within

Cross-posting is not automatic anymore, and then when I try to do it manually - all links are gone in the preview window on (and after posting don’t show up).

worked great the day before!

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Me too same problem. Stopped yesterday. Thanks.

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This is fixed now in It turns out Bluesky changed how photos are referenced in their API about two days ago, so it stopped working. I thought at first it was an intermittent error, not an API change on their side.

Any posts that were missed will need to be manually cross-posted to Bluesky, either by copy/paste or using the Cross-post button in the Posts page.

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Thank you so much!

Working fine now! All clear :slight_smile: