Blog's Post Time

Hello, I’m wondering if there is a setting I’m missing to show what time zone you’re in.

I’m in PST and the VPN server I connect to is also in PST but my posts and when viewing logs are always 8 hours ahead.

It’s screwing up my attempt at 30 photos/posts in 30 days thingy

There’s not currently a setting. When you use on the web, it detects your current time zone and sets it. If you haven’t used the web version of after traveling, try using it and see if that fixes everything.

I made a test post from the web interface.

Here is a screenshot from the logs

I’ve also sent an email to because there is a little wonkiness in my account since I changed my username from aloysiusbest to aloysius

The mac app allows me to publish a post as @aloysiusbest or @aloysius
I posted another test post as @aloysiusbest and it was also 8 hours in the future

I made another post without my VPN on and it is still 8 hours in the future

My account in this help forum has a setting for timezone and is set to America/Los_Angeles

Clicking the “Use Current Timezone” only adds the first pick in the list


This was an Apple issue. My system clock was 8 hours ahead of the time/date displayed on screen. Doing all sorts of file deleting and command line work did not help so I erased the drive and reinstalled Big Sur (I’d been thinking about cleaning the cruft out of my 9 year old Macbook Pro anyways) and everything is as it should be now.

Glad it’s working now! Such a strange issue. I don’t think I’ve seen that before and it’s too bad you had to reinstall macOS to fix it. (We do need a better setting in to work around these kind of issues in the future.)