Blog Posts with Youtube embeds via markdown


I’ve been trying to get youtube videos embedded on my blog page.

I’ve searched the Help Center and found out I can post via the website using {{< youtube VIDEOID >}} which works great.

But I’ve been composing and publishing my posts using the Ulysses Markdown editor and I can’t for the life of me work out a way to do it using this process.

I’ve found lots different Markdown guides that have some HTML code that is supposed to work but nothing has so far.

Is there a way to make this work or will I have to switch to the website for this feature?

The short code for {{< youtube ID >}} will work from any Markdown source.

However, because it’s a video embed, it will not appear in the timeline, just your website.

Hey, thanks for your help. I’ve persisted with it and found a solution.

Putting the shortcode in a code block by typing two apostrophes first makes everything work fine.

Apologies if that was obvious to everyone apart from me.

That shouldn’t be necessary, but it’s possible that Ulysses quasi-markdown support requires that to pass through the shortcode “native” without converting the curly braces to HTML entities or similar.