”Blog” from Mastodon view

When my profile is viewed from my Mastodon-profile it automatically adds a named field ”Blog” with a web version of my micro.blog field (for me this is social.torb.no). I feel kinda bad about this automatically being put there. I consider micro.blog to be my social media (or I suppose microblog), but I absolutely do not consider it to be my main blog (my main blog is www.torb.no) and I hate that this is how it’s presented like that. It’s also rather pointless since your’re already in Mastodon, so you already have my posts available.

Suggestion: just remove this. It’s not a default that makes much sense. If someone wants a link to their web presence of micro.blog they can just link it in their bio.

Good feedback, thanks. Seems like this should be configurable. Maybe it should use the “Site URL” on your account profile instead, with an option to change it.


Yeah, that’s a reasonable default considering that you typically wouldn’t put that in your profile anyway since it’s already visible by default on micro.blog.

It’s the weekend, I love your work on micro.blog, but please don’t forget to releax!