Blank photo page

For whatever reason, I can’t get any of my photos to show on my photo page. The page was created with the “New Photo Page” button in pages, I am not running any plug-ins, aside from some simple CSS changes I haven’t modified any of the photo page files, all my photos are jpegs.

Any ideas why it’s not displaying anything?

For what it’s worth, here’s the code for that page. Styles have been moved to my CSS file, the rest remains unchanged from the original file.

We figured out that this happened when using a Markdown image reference instead of an HTML img tag. I’ve fixed it in now so either way will work.

Also while I’m thinking of it (because I’m not sure this is documented): should be a list of JPEGs in the post, and .Params.images should be a list of any type of image. For example, screenshots are often PNGs and so aren’t included in the Photos page by default, but this can be tweaked in the template.