Batch uploading photos from my hard drive


Is there a way to batch upload photos from my hard drive to Uploads?



Depends what you’re trying to do, but the best options right now are probably:

  • for macOS supports dragging photos into the Uploads screen to upload them, but it is limited to 10 files at a time.
  • for macOS also has its own Instagram batch upload if you are moving from Instagram.
  • Mimi Uploader for iOS also has a batch upload interface.

Note that is not designed as a place to store all your photos. It’s best to only upload what will be used in blog posts. Whatever you decide to do, I recommend testing it with a small number of photos first to make sure it’s what you want before uploading lots of photos.

Thanks, Manton.

A follow up question: I uploaded some photos using the MacOS app, but when I click on the image and then click on “copy HTML,” all I get is this string of characters, ZaMeB75wts9jPNw, regardless of which image I use.

When I copy HTML from the web, I don’t have that issue.

I am using version 2.4.2 of the app.