Backing Up MarsEdit

@danielpunkass Hi Daniel. How can I make a backup of everything I have in MarsEdit - especially local drafts. I’m worried I’ll lose everything if my aging MacBook Pro collapses. I’ve only just written to you at Red Sweater re this, but I wondered if some of the MarsEdit stalwarts like @Miraz in the community might also have explored the issue and found a MarsEdit backup solution.

I’ve looked in the forums, your help documents and on the web, but to no avail.

Hi JohnAN - MarsEdit stores all of its data in a folder in your home folder. To open the MarsEdit data folder, hold the option key on your keyboard while selecting the Help menu at the top of the screen, then select “Open MarsEdit Data Folder.”

As long as this folder is backed up then all of the posts that are synced to your Mac, and your local drafts, should be safe.

I probably wouldn’t rely on MarsEdit as your only backup, though. It would be better to arrange for some kind of regular backup of your blog from the server itself. In the case of you might read up on the options to export your data: Exporting from

Ideally you would have a backup of MarsEdit’s data AND a regular backup of your exported data from the blog.


Aha! This is just the answer I needed, Daniel, and more. Thank you for this, and for the heads-up about regular backups of the blog itself. I’ll get straight onto both.
Many, many, many-many thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m back again, Daniel. “Open MarsEdit Data Folder,” as per your instructions, doesn’t work. It just opens the root level of my user folder. No sign of MarsEdit anywhere.

Would my use of Path Finder affect the result?

Hm, I’m not sure! I’ll have to test with Path Finder and see how it behaves in that situation.

You can manually locate the pertinent files. They are at:

[Home] → Library → Group Containers → → Library → Application Support → MarsEdit4

You can see why I usually prefer to just tell people to use the menu trick :wink:


Hi Daniel :slight_smile: I found the MarsEdit files right where you said they’d be, so I’ve backed them up to an external drive. I’ve also taken your advice and exported a copy of everything from itself, which I’ll now do regularly.

Thank you,

Glad you were able to find them!