Autocorrect in web text box

For whenever @manton’s next small improvements sprint comes around I’m hoping to get my most annoying and pervasive fix request in early. I’d be so grateful if autocorrect could be enabled in the web’s text box. My fingers are just not accurate enough after years of being trained by autocorrect to hit the right keys.

Here’s a video of my struggling to write a very short sentence correctly. Keep in mind this is my second attempt, I decided to screen record it because I was failing so miserably on the first go that it was rather humorous.

Maybe I have to wait until the new editor comes along, but I hope not!

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FWIW, I’m not sure the rationale, but this is “as simple as” removing autocorrect="off" from that div, which appears to be intentionally added. All of these divs have cm-content in the class for the div, so I bet that something ala stop the madness or another extension could fix this on your browser side.

Oh that would be very nice. I have StopTheMadness but confess I’m not sure how to deploy it here. Are you familiar?

I tried this and several variants but to no avail.

Ah it’s a DOM element not CSS. It’s editing a value of the div attribute with that class. Not 100% sure how to do that with stop the madness.

I’d like to see this changed as well.

I’m guessing maybe it was implemented like this to assist those writing markdown or HTML in their posts. But I would prefer autocorrect to be switched on.

T’was one of the frustrating parts for me too but I’ve a Grammarly Pro account which is helpful on the laptop.

Not for iOS though coz for some reason, using it makes me prone to more errors and I like to think it’s not me. Hence on iOS, it’s Drafts even for the microposts

I’ve been working on a complete rewrite of the web text editor and it will be used for replies too. I’m not sure if I can just turn on autocorrect here without causing other problems, but I’ll look into that again to see if it can be a temporary fix until the new editor is ready.

On iOS, the native app is much better for replies too.

Glad to hear it! :heart_hands: