Audio Transcription Duplication Issue


I just posted a new audio “podcast” and the transcription seems to have gone a little haywire, here is a link to the full post 08/07/2023 - Severn Valley Railways | Rich On Rails Podcast

This sentence seems to be duplicated “So for the next few minutes we’re going to hear some audio clips from on board the locomotive as we travel from Bridge North up to Kidderminster.” this is time stamped around 1min 36 seconds

I also didn’t say “Absolutely fantastic sound of the engine working as we leave the station.” 20 times, this is time stamped around 3mins 6 seconds

Not really sure what has happened here but thought I would raise it for someone to take a look at


Wow, we use OpenAI for the transcripts and it looks like it lost its mind a little. You can edit the transcripts on the web (there should be a Transcripts link in the sidebar) to edit out the mistakes.

Ah I see - I edited it manually as suggested :slight_smile: