Atom feed from my blog throws error

Since a copple of months ago my does not post anything from my atom feeds from my website. I just looked around and for example this atom feed: gives me this: “Error: unknown error EOFError” on

The one RSS feed I have seems to work well, but none of the Atom feeds, all of them show this error. I also see that at the bottom of that page it says: “Add Source: RSS or JSON Feed URL”, and Atom is not mentioned. Does that mean that Atom feeds are not supported by anymore?

I don’t know this for sure, but my first thought was, “I don’t recall Atom feeds ever being mentioned so I’m not sure they’re supported.

I’m on my iPad and can’t easily preview your feed, but EOF stands for End of File error. Does your atom feed have </feed> as the last bit of content? Have you validated your Atom feed? W3C Feed Validation Service, for Atom and RSS

I looked into this more and see the problem. Your feed is pretty large, and large feeds have a special optimized processor that actually doesn’t support Atom. I hadn’t noticed this before.

As a work-around, I suggest slimming down your feed. It currently has 800 posts in it. I would only include the most recent 50 posts or even fewer.

I will fix this error later but updating the feed is the best work-around for now.

Ah, I see, that makes sense. I somehow never got around to slimming down the feed mostly because I would kind of need to figure out how to implement pagination for feeds. But ok, let me try to figure it out later and for now I guess it’s good enough to only include 50 most recent posts.

Ok, great, I limited it to 30 for now and they show up in my feed, thanks for looking into it!

Great, glad it’s working!